Community Buildings
High School Gym
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High School Gym
High School Gym
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Do you represent a committee or public school? Are you looking for a design/build contractor with a public works license? Streamline Precision builds community buildings.

Event Centers, Parks and Arenas

Aircraft Hangars, Fire Stations and Offices

Gyms and Recreation Facilities

A beautiful building with the strength of steel.

Standing Seam Roof - fireproof, leakproof, spans of 250 feet.

Concrete, Masonry and Brick!  Building exteriors that are as permanent as the look

Corporate Office
(208) 678 - 9204

(208) 431 - 7314

120 South 100 West
Burley, Idaho 83318

Mon - Fri
8:00am - 5:00pm MST

Quotation marks Streamline installed over 90,000 feet of PVC pipe and we are very satisfied with the result. I would recommend (and have recommended) Streamline Precision to others needing this type of work.Quotation marks

Bryce Beck, General Manager
Butte Irrigation

Date Posted:
Sunday, Jan 31 2016
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